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General Housing Corporation was founded in 1982 and we began operations in Bay City, Michigan.  We have approximately 6,000 structures throughout the state of Michigan.  Most are residential homes, with some light commercial to round it out.   GHC has always focused on Michigan and only works with Michigan licensed builders.  Our state is blessed with miles and miles of Great Lakes coast line as well as an abundant number of inland lakes.  We’ve built thousands of lakefront homes and many of our floorplans are designed for this setting.

Better Built

We’re convinced using modular construction methods are the best way to build a home today.  We like to say, “We’re site builders that knew enough to come in out of the rain.”  There are a number of reasons why modular building systems are better than traditional site building that is done outdoors.

  1. Modular homes are constructed by a proven method known as Building Systems in an enclosed climate-controlled facility.  This means that the home is completed in a highly structured manner, with clearly defined processes, procedures and quality controls.
  2. Because the home is built inside a climate-controlled environment, the wood and other building materials used in the construction of the home are not directly exposed to the harmful effects of weather and moisture.  GHC homes are built more equal and precise than a typical site built house, as all of our floors, walls, and ceilings are built in a jig to ensure they are square.  The end result is a better-built, high quality home.
  3. Our homes are constructed by a stable and experienced workforce for consistent quality.  The highly skilled and trained craftsmen that build these homes often times can boast of experience that spans years, if not decades.  A quality workforce in combination with detailed processes and procedures creates a better built home.
  4. At GHC, every single task performed in the building of the home is subjected to inspection.  Each home has a series of written processes for the application and/or installation of that building material.  This is called a standard operating procedure or (SOP).  All processes are listed on a document called a QC traveler.  The traveler is documented and signed off by the person performing the work, an area foreman in charge, and the Quality Control Supervisor.  Third-party state inspectors regularly come to the production facility to review our construction for state code compliance.
  5. One fact that is beyond dispute – GHC modular homes are much stronger and heavier than homes built on site.  GHC homes are built with more lumber and fastening materials – 2×6 exterior walls (16” on center), full exterior wall structural sheathing, lag bolts and double 2 X 10 floor band joists – all to ensure our homes can withstand stresses that can occur during transportation and the setting of the home.
  6. GHC homes are highly engineered.  We utilize state-of-the-art Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) that allows for complete design of the home.  There is no guess work—all measurements are precise and specifications are detailed.  Not to mention, GHC has an architect on staff, providing the opportunity for a high degree of customization and flexibility.
  7. GHC homes are intrinsically energy efficient due to the systematic processes and techniques used in building, which is not always the case with traditional site built homes.  A tight finish, with little air infiltration, is much more difficult to achieve with traditional building because of the way in which the homes are constructed.  At GHC, we are Energy Star efficient, and offer many upgrades, as well as standard options, that boast the Energy Star seal of approval.  Furthermore, General Housing Corporation is a proud partner of Green Built Michigan.

GHC Quality

General Housing Corporation has always aspired to build a true quality home – not only a home with great design, fit and finish, but one built with quality materials.  We look for suppliers that provide materials with consistent high quality standards.  We establish specific quality measurements that have to be adhered to and find new sources when a supplier is unable to meet our demands.  GHC materials are kept out of the elements to provide top quality homes.

We have close working relationships with the following quality product manufacturers to add beauty and long lasting quality to your home.

GHC Meets & Exceeds Michigan Building Code

The very first home General Housing Corporation built and every home since has exceeded Michigan Residential Building Code.  This code was well known as BOCA, but is now identified as International Residential Building Code.  Michigan has since added some additional requirements to the code to define the Michigan Residential Building Code.  GHC has never built mobile homes (manufactured/titled).  Since inception, GHC seeks to build a home that is indistinguishable from a traditional site built home.


The following steps detail the likely sequence of events that take place while building your General Housing Corporation home.

  • Step 1

    Review GHC’s information and decide on the type of home you are interested in, and what floor plan best suits your needs.  This information is available on our web site or can be obtained by talking directly to us at our Bay City offices or a GHC authorized licensed builder.  In many cases, a floor plan that most closely matches your desired layout is selected, and then tweaks are made to meet your specific needs/desires.

  • Step 2

    Come visit us in Bay City, if possible.  Take a look at our models to see the quality of work we do, and if desired, take a plant tour (appointment preferred).  During your visit you’ll have the opportunity to talk to our knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you might have and view samples of our materials.

  • Step 3

    We’ll provide you with information on a licensed builder that works with General Housing Corporation and builds in your area.  We can provide this information via phone or at your in-person visit.

  • Step 4

    At this time you would typically call or visit the builder.  The builder will get some preliminary information from you regarding your desires and time frame, and provide an estimated cost of your total project.

  • Step 5

    You review material choices and design your home using our web site.  Or if you prefer, you can make these choices in person while visiting us or a GHC authorized licensed builder in your area.

  • Step 6

    With the information you’ve obtained up to this point, you determine how you intend to finance the project.  If needed, you obtain the necessary financing.

  • Step 7

    The licensed builder will typically inspect your building site.  You would typically discuss home placement and any special considerations such as setback requirements, drainage, any required tear downs, and other matters of concern that might affect the process.

  • Step 8

    You and your GHC authorized builder review the final choices you’ve made in designing your home.  Shortly thereafter, a firm quote is normally provided to you based on your final choices and plan adjustments.

  • Step 9

    Once all the details are finalized, you will enter into a contract with the GHC authorized licensed builder.  You would generally provide a down payment at this time.  After obtaining the proper permits and approvals, the builder will then sub contract with GHC to begin building your new home.

  • Step 10

    General Housing Corporation orders the special materials for your project so they can begin building your new home.  While GHC is working on the main structure of your home, the licensed builder will typically be working on preparing your building site and getting the foundation (crawl space or basement) completed.

  • Step 11

    GHC delivers modules to site.


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